How to Get Stuff Done! (First in a Series)

Do you find yourself constantly carrying over to-do list stuff from one week to the next? Are you constantly running out of week before the chores are done? Aww, Man! Did you forget to mail your nephew’s birthday gift again (it’s four weeks late!)

Hi!  And welcome to the first in a new monthly series we’re calling

This is the first in a new monthly series at GSD Junk Hauling that will feature ways to be more efficient and productive. Visit us at for more.

The goal of this series is to help you be your most efficient, productive self  when you need to be, so that you can be your most relaxed, peaceful self the rest of the time. 

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Okay, back to our first featured method:

This is a really quick video showing how this mom Gets Stuff Done! She’s a little bit silly and focuses on helping moms start blogs, but has a fantastic idea that can work for anyone who has stuff to do.

Really, who doesn’t have stuff to do? 

Click here to watch the quick video from Suzi at

Well? What did you think?

Does it sound like something you could implement?

Sure, this works great for stay-at-home-parents, because things can get pretty hectic with tiny humans underfoot.

But think about how many applications this method could have:

  • What if you are, say, planning a big involved celebration and use this method to keep track of all the planning involved, from catering to venue selection, photography, invitations, thank you’s, and so on!
  • I can easily see a Real Estate Agent using this on a smaller scale with 1″x2″ stickies in a notebook to handle all the appointments,

    listings, call-making, meeting, follow-ups, and caravans, et cetera going on in their lives. Bonus points for being able to schedule little sister’s softball game in there, too!

  • What about a team leader using this method on the huge whiteboard at a team meeting so that everyone knows who’s doing what to help them meet their organizational goals?  Can you say “BONUS!”?

Here are some reasons we love this method:
  1. It doesn’t require many supplies (It’s inexpensive!). You can put it on the wall, on a board you already have, on a huge mirror, posterboard, anything. You can use markers, highlighters, or ink pens. All you need are sticky notes!
  2. It’s flexible. A customer cancels on you and you have the day suddenly free? You know exactly what you can do to stay productive. Your kid gets sick and you have to leave work? No problem. We can move this task to Thursday.
  3. It covers a whole week. For most of us, this is not as overwhelming as a monthly view and more forward-looking than a single day’s to-do list.
  4. It’s fun to rip off an old week, savoring your accomplishments, and then getting to start fresh each week.
  5. Let’s not forget, you GET STUFF DONE!

Let us know if you’re going to try this and if it works for you! We’d love to hear from you. Email us at We read every email!

Have a productive month!

Erica at GSD Junk Hauling

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