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Garage clean-outs……

Do you have junk taking up valuable space in your garage? Would you like to have your precious space back? If so, then a garage clean-out may be what you need! We can get your garage cleaned out in about an hour. Most garage clean-outs that we do cost an average of $250 or 1/2 trailer load.  After we do your garage clean-out we will sweep the garage for you so you will have one less thing to worry about.  A junk free garage means less places for mice, spiders, and insects to hide. You can use your reclaimed space to park your car or start a new hobby. You can set up a home gym to get back in shape or in better health. You can start a new business in your garage.  The possibilities are endless…….. If you would like a FREE, ZERO-OBLIGATION estimate then give us a call. GSD Junk Hauling  256-735-9494
Let us help you reclaim your space with a quick, affordable garage clean-out!


How to Book Your Junk Hauling by Text Message

Wanna know how to book your next junk hauling job with GSD Junk Hauling by text message? Here’s how:

Step 1: Text your junk job request to 256-735-9494.

That’s right! It’s that easy. It’s how you Get Stuff Done!

Gone in 20 Minutes!

This job was booked by text message. We removed the junk in about twenty minutes and disposed of it so our client could start enjoying the backyard again!

Whether you have a little or a lot, we’re happy to help you get rid of it.

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No spam, guaranteed! PLUS There’s a coupon right now for $25.00 off a service over $100.00.


Call GSD Junk Hauling Today! 256-735-9494


We Haul All Kinds of Stuff

But Can You Haul….?

Construction Debris?GSD Junk Hauling - Construction Debris Hauled


14 Foot Long Church Pews?

GSD Junk Hauling - Church Pews Hauled

Done it.

Old busted hot tubs?GSD Junk Hauling - Hot Tub Removal 2

We can’t get enough of ’em!


Thousands of plastic nursery pots? Yes.

Tons of bricks? Sure.

Rooms full of junk? Our Favorite!

If you want to know if we can haul it off for you, give us a call at 256-735-9494.

Like a Ton of Bricks?

Is your junk weighing on your mind like a ton of bricks?

Two tons?

Let GSD Junk Hauling haul that mess off for you!

GSD Junk Hauling - Bricks Removed
Nearly THREE TONS of Bricks!

That’s 6,320 pounds of bricks hauled away so a customer could reclaim his backyard!!

Take back your space!  Call GSD Junk Hauling today to schedule your freedom day! 256-735-9494

Ever Had a Collection Get Out of Control?

We removed a couple of flower pots for this customer in Massey, AL.

1,180 pounds of flower pots to be exact.

They were so glad to see them gone.

GSD Junk Hauling - Flower Pots

“I’ll just keep a few in case I need them one day…” You’ve never said that, before, have you?

If you find yourself overburdened by your collections and need relief, call GSD Junk Hauling and we will make it all go away! 256-735-9494