Our Junk Removal Pricing? The Best in the Area!

We Have Affordable Junk Removal Rates!  (1)You show us what you want removed, (2) We give you a price based on the amount of junk that you need removed, (3) If you agree to the price then we start getting the junk out of your way!

While GSD Junk Hauling charges are estimated by the volume of junk you have us to haul, there are some items that merit individual pricing. Below, you will see some examples that may help you determine that GSD is the right company for your junk removal needs.

We charge based on the amount of volume your junk takes up in the truck, 1/4 Load, 1/2 Load, 3/4 Load, or Full Load. Most loads will take approximately sixty to ninety minutes to put on our truck.*

*Please be advised that any loads taking more than two hours will be charged an additional hourly fee of $99.00 per hour.


Single Large Item Removal- $75.00

A large item includes any of the following: a couch, a refrigerator, a washing machine, and the like.  When we remove your item, we try to determine if it can be donated as-is, whether it requires an inexpensive repair, if it can be recycled, or if it must be dumped. Then we will take your appliance to its next destination while you kick your feet up because you GOT STUFF DONE.


1/4 Load- $150

1/4 of a load is a little over 3 cubic yards of junk removed and about 1.25 pick up truck loads.  A cubic yard is roughly the size of a dryer.


1/2 Load- $250

1/2 of a load is a little over 6.5 cubic yards of junk removed and about 2.5 pick up truck loads.  A cubic yard is roughly the size of a dryer.

3/4 Load – $350

3/4 of a load is a little over 9 cubic yards of junk removed  and is almost 4 pick up truck loads.  A cubic yard is roughly the size of a dryer.

Full Load- $430

A full load is a little over 13 cubic yards of junk removed and is a little over 5 pick up truck loads.  A cubic yard is roughly the size of a dryer.


Hot Tub Removal- $300

(Pool Companies charge up to $500.00 to remove a hot tub!)

GSD Junk Hauling has the Best Prices Available for Hot Tub Removal
You don’t have to look at this old busted thing another day! Let Us Help You GET STUFF DONE.

We will start by breaking down your hot tub to make it easier to remove from your property. In most cases, we will do this with a reciprocating saw. Then we will load your hot tub pieces onto our truck. We will return to the hot tub site & sweep up any debris so you can get started on your next project. Then we haul your junk to the dump, where we pay a fee to dispose of it. Your all-inclusive pricing covers the cost of our travel, demolition, junk hauling service, & dump fees.


Shed/Playhouse Removal- Prices start at $300.

Call for an appointment for a free estimate.


More Cost Efficient Than Renting a Dumpster, AND…

You don’t have to do any of the work!

GSD Junk Hauling - Comparable pricing to using a dumpster, but we do all the work.
Don’t Rent a Dumpster! Let GSD do all the work!

One of our customers had rented a 20 yd roll-off dumpster before she called us. There were some things that she couldn’t lift into the roll-off and items that were not permitted. Our price was comparable to the price of the roll off, but with us all you have to do is point and it gets removed. With the roll-off, you have to do the work yourself.

We want to do the hard work for you! GSD Junk Hauling 256.735.9494

GSD Junk Hauling - Real Estate Clean-Out
We Do Big Jobs…


GSD Junk Hauling - Storage Shed Insulation - Pricing by Volume
And We Do Small Jobs!






For all other pricing inquiries, please call Clint Burton at 256-735-9494 to schedule an on-site, zero-obligation estimate. You also may complete a contact form for a call back. If you prefer texting, please text your name, telephone number, and question to the number above.



Get Stuff Done! Let Us Haul Your Junk Away.