Especially for Realtors, Estate Agents & Property Managers

When you’re managing someone else’s property and you need to get them back in shape for a move-in or sale, count on GSD Junk Hauling to help you get on the market faster. We specialize in helping agents turn around properties so you can get back to generating revenue!

Rental Property Clean-Outs

TenantsProperty Managers: Ever had a tenant just up and leave? Need to get your property back on the market, making money?

You can do so much better with zero effort, so don’t put that property on the market looking like this! Program our number in your phone so you are never delayed in re-listing a home: 256-735-9494


Demo and Removals

GSD Junk Hauling Demo'd and Removed this Shed from a customer's property so it could be put on the market.
GSD Junk Hauling demo’d and removed this shed in about an hour.

Need an old, busted shed removed from your property?

We can clean it out, demo, and remove it in a short time so you can show off that spacious back yard!



Estate Clean Outs

GSD Junk Hauling removed over 52,000 pounds of Junk from this home.
Junk Hauled: 280 Cubic Yards – That was over 52,000 pounds!

GSD Junk Hauling knows that when a loved one moves into a nursing home or passes away, their family is left with a big physical job on top of the emotional work they have to do. It can be hard to touch their possessions and can feel monumental when dealing with an entire household so please call us at 256-735-9494. We can relieve you of the physical work so you can move forward.

Hoarding Situations

GSD Junk Hauling recycled 7,000 pounds of scrap metal from this job.
This estate clean out included over 7,000 pounds of scrap metal.









We understand that hoarding situations didn’t start out to become that way and can become sensitive subjects for our clients and their loved ones. You have enough on your plate without having to find a home for this overwhelming amount of stuff. And you’re not alone.

You can count on GSD Junk Hauling to treat your job with efficiency and professionalism. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.


Call GSD Junk Hauling at 256-735-9494 or visit our page on Facebook to see more.


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